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Spyware on iPhone X (Cydia)

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Long story short. Someone drugged me and ended up choking me out in till I would unlock my iPhone. This happened multiple time and there wasn’t much I could do. They installed Cydia and my iPhone X I ended up deleting the app, but I believe they installed other spyware. I thought updating my phone would fix this, later on I would find it from apple it would not. Somehow my phone randomly texted two people a link, I would assume was malicious. I used the phone for months after the incident and even heard voices come from my iPhone on a few occasions when I was not using it. I do not know much about spyware and eventually got a new phone. Can anyone explain the extent of the surveillance and damage that’s could have taken place? I really appreciate any and all help. It was a bad situation and I believe the damage could be more extensive that what I read on various websites. My phone was  constantly overheating and the battery was draining quicker than normal. 

Posted : 21/02/2022 10:19 pm
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Did you deliver your old iPhone to law enforcement as part of your assault case?  I am very sorry to hear that happened to you.  If you have the old phone and several thousand dollars to spend, a qualified civilian forensic expert could create a Cellebrite image of the old iPhone, analyze the phone evidence and run anti-malware software against the Cellebrite image, for example.


Posted : 30/03/2022 10:27 pm
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