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Stalkerware and UFED

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Dear all, 

In these days I am testimg kaspersky tiny check. It should detect stalkerware. These type of software is not always detected.

last month I checked for spyware the phone of a ladri. I used UFED. The pointer is, does ufed detect stalkerware?


Posted : 05/07/2021 7:17 pm
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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer should detect if Spyware or similar applications are installed on the smartphone image that you create. I assume they just compare the list of installed applications to a database they have of categorized applications. Now, depending on the smartphone's Operating System (Android or iOS), make, and model, you may not be able to extract a specific applications data.

The best ways to review application data for testing is by acquiring a physical image of an Android or a Full Filesystem image of a jailbroken iPhone. Those should give you the application data that you are looking for. Even if Physical Analyzer doesn't "detect" the Spyware you are looking for, you may be able to find the application data yourself by searching through the file system.

Posted : 06/07/2021 10:38 pm
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