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TeslaCloud - Mod 3 Perf / FSD 3.0v HW

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A Model 3 is part of a complex crime scene. First it seems that the car was just parked with SentryMode (owners feedback) and after driven after brocken-up and finally burned on-purpose. All we need are the complete dataset out of the TeslaCloud (CarCloud). Of course by help of national agency we Tesla asked for the dataset, they partially agreed to provide. But our ForensicLab-team decided to replicate the whole scene to reconstruct different possible playbooks to solve the case. End of intro.

Who has solved a similar case of Mobile Forensics to CloudForensics case to provide an in-depth overview of what CarParamenters in which timeline is by default sent to the TeslaCloud? The Tesla dataset we have good reason to conclude that Tesla has more CarParameters stored but does not provide in their Shadow-Mode of FSD-testing.

Please kindly help if you are experienced in CarCloud Forensics MITM-logger-skills to monitor the upload data traffic e.g. WireShark logged - or FSD 3.0v HW-logging of the LTE-RF-FrontEnd (aka CarIMSICatcher).

Toda raba (Thank you).

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