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Testing whether an iPhone is jailbroken  

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I have an occasional requirement to quickly test whether an iPhone is jailbroken. While I could check the iOS version and infer that it's not jailbroken from that, it's not something I would ideally like to rely on.

XRY tells you whether the device is jailbroken at the start of an extraction, but I would prefer a "lighter" solution than fully installing XRY and carrying around a dongle.

CopyTrans Control tells you whether the phone is jailbroken, but I don't like the provenance of it and it insists on using it's own drivers.

So I guess my question is; are there other tools which exist which I could use? And how do these tools determine that the phone has been Jailbroken (or not)?

Thank you!

Posted : 01/11/2016 2:14 pm