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Verizon 6245 messaging. How it works?  

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I am currently working on DFRWS 2011 challenge which focuses on Android this time. I have been successful in carving out the SMSes and emails from the image that is being supplied.

I have noted that there are several messages that are being forwarded by 6245 from Verizon. I did some reading on this and found that 6245(MAIL) is a service by Verizon where you can send emails using the recipients phone number and also text using the email id as "[email protected]".

However I am unable to understand the exact format of messages as to when they are received on the phone.

Ex Suppose some one sends a text message using, what is the number that gets displayed in the "From" Section on the mobile phone.

The other use case is if sender adds 6245 in the TO section and then the email id as the first line of the message, will the recipient receive it as text message or an email.

It will be great help if someone can provide me the sample messages received sent through 6245 service.

Following is the sample of messages I carved out. If any one can decode them for me will be a great help too. lol

Received 5/6/11 135
Nearby! Coming for my beer
"Forwarded SMS from 6245 at 20110505T173426 America/New_York
[email protected]
Hey Yob, I am closing on Fatheads. See Ya soon. "

Received 5/8/11 310
Re Or you can walk down
"6245 at 20110507T190532
[email protected]
Walking down now. Hope you are still vertical.
Original message
[email protected]
Sent 05/07/11 756 PM"

Posted : 27/06/2011 11:32 am