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Viber/Messenger message database data integrity  

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Let's suppose that an investigation requires rooting an android phone and extracting the appropriate databases (eg. "threads_db2" for Messenger and "viber_messages/messages" for Viber). Is there any way to ensure that the messages shown are the original ones and not edited with a database editor? I suspect that Messenger uses some kind of cryptographic signature/verification to ensure the validity of the database because on my own device after editing a message in threads_db2, the specific conversation cannot be displayed anymore within the app (no message is shown and an error message saying there is no connection (while there is) is displayed while other conversations ,with no edited messages, load normally. As far as Viber is concerned, after editing a message and opening the application, the fake message gets displayed normally.

To sum up, is there a way to counter any claim that the presented messages extracted from these 2 apps are faked and thus prove their integrity?

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 16/09/2019 11:14 am