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wrong number displayed on received message  

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Please accept my apologies for a long post….
I received a text from a number +44765XXX etc the number displayed on my screen and no name

The message was from a mate of mine, I presumed he must have a new number since this was not his from my add book.
Next day in work he states he has no new number.
He sent text to me and two colleagues while we watched the two colleagues get message from "Colin" mine displayed this rogue number again.
If I had edited his number I could understand.
His number in add book is correct.
He has not changed his settings for me or spoofed me from his side.
He rang me and my phone displayed "incoming call from Colin"

Has anybody any suggestions
Repeat there is definitely no spoofing or trickery

Thank you

Posted : 12/07/2013 2:57 pm