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Appeal Case - Mobile Phone Stun Gun  

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Appeal Case - Mobile Phone Stun Gun


6 Whether a weapon constitutes a firearm, is a question of fact. However it is accepted as a matter of practice that a "stun gun" such as this, which discharges an electrical discharge, is a firearm.

8 Thus, as a matter of law, there is a specific offence for a weapon designed to discharge a noxious liquid, gas or "other thing". This weapon was designed for such a discharge, and thus possession of this weapon contravenes Section 5(1) (b). However, this weapon was disguised as a mobile phone. Despite the fact it is not a firearm in the ordinary sense of firing a projectile, Parliament has provided that such a disguised weapon falls within the minimum sentence provisions. For the purpose of convenience, we shall refer to the Section 5(1) (b) as the "lesser offence" and the Section 5(1A) offence as the "greater offence".

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Posted : 15/02/2012 11:24 pm