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iPhone and Forensics Analysis of Twitter Account  

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This question is about forensics information that can be pulled from a user's iphone (7 plus, running iOS 11.0.2)

Suspected iPhone is thought to pertain access to a Twitter account that makes defamatory statements about a corporation. Lawyers for the company want to make a total image of the iphone and bring back to their lab for analysis. But, they certify (under penalty of purgery and civil penalties) that they will ONLY look for Twitter specific data to try and connect the user to the account. Is this possible without going through the user's entire private information/data on the phone?

The phone was also upgraded in July, after the alleged posts were made on Twitter. Does iTunes/iCloud backup data place the old phone's twitter usage on the new phone?

Thanks. Any help would be appraciated.

Posted : 30/10/2017 7:49 pm