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Snapchat Account Impersonation (Criminal Case against Minor)

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To be brief, I am writing here because of a case of a Snapchat account that has impersonated my 13 years old son’s identity and used it to send slander and sexual material to a girl classmate – slander and distribution of sexual material is a cyber-crime/criminal offense in the Country where we reside and carries a severe punishment.

Due to the fact that this little girl has been attacked on social media before at school by 3 known perpetrators in my son's class who has previously confessed; we believe that one of them has since opened a Snapchat account using a username and a nick name that resembles my son's to attack the girl again.

Because of the similarities in the username and my son's name and failure by the local investigation teams to get any information from Snapchat in regards to the true owner of the fraudulent account or even investigating the previous perpetrators; my son found himself in a matter of 1 week criminally charged by public prosecution and sentenced on the 27th December 2017 by a Judge to be deported from the country (this automatically gives him a criminal record and a life ban from entering 6 regional Countries).

You can imagine the kind of shock and mental / psychological impact this has had on our 13-year-old child and on us as well without getting into the details. We have already filed an appeal through our lawyer and we are scheduled for a hearing on the 22nd of January 2018.

We are now collecting evidence to support his defense in the appeal. As I mentioned before, the local criminal investigation authorities have failed to request the fraudulent account information form Snapchat so we have ourselves recently written to Snapchat about this and after they have carried their own investigation they closed the fraudulent account for impersonating my son's identity but denied to give us any account information and insisted we report to the Police (which has been already done).

The only incriminating evidence prosecutor has presented is that the username appears on my son's mobile (iPhone 6s) in a plist file under /Library/Preferences/ without stating what that meant and how it incriminates my son. The path is as follows

(USER) iPhone/Applications/group.snapchat.picaboo/Library/Preferences/group.snapchat.picaboo.plist 0x2C198 (Size 192083 bytes)

My question is

Is it possible that this username name appears because my son searched for the fraudulent account username using his own account on Snapchat and added him to figure out who this person is ?

I've done some research - with my limited IT capability - and I believe Applications running under IOS file systems and within their sandbox use the plist under The Library folder to keep files that are not essentially user data files and that user data are placed in a separate plist file under /Documents/.

This is a matter of extreme importance as it will detrimentally impact the future of our child and his future, well-being, mental/psychological welfare.

Therefore we appreciate your support as a community on this matter and we look forward to your responses.

May you all have a blessed new year for you and your loved ones.

Posted : 02/01/2018 5:49 am
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