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Still love my Blackberry Classic 4G, Does everything I need it to.

Posted : 23/07/2021 2:46 pm
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As far as best mobile...I wear many hats. Not only am I a licensed Forensic Psychologist, but I am also a network engineer that works with electronics all day. I HIGHLY recommend the Samsung Galaxy Series. I am using the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and let me say...I absolutely love it. The battery lasts for roughly 10 days. Amazing phone...super fast with the 16 core snap-dragon processor. 



Posted : 18/11/2022 4:11 am
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Galaxy Note 10+

Great battery life, stylus, water resistant, and expandable memory through an SD card. 

Posted : 25/09/2023 9:17 pm
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Hi there,

Definitely Nokia 6310, it takes up to 14 days  before full discharge and responsiveness was almost realtime. The best part is that battery is still working after ~15 years (up to 1 day)

Posted : 21/11/2023 9:16 pm
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Best Device for Personal and Work Use: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

This device is a powerhouse. Had 400+ apps running without any issues, was able to do everything I could hope for with my personal life from social networking across multiple platforms (Facebook, Discord, Slack, Snapchat, Reddit, etc.), to shooting and editing the highest quality HD video, which I did quite often and could thanks to the expandable storage. Work-wise, I could run my entire business from it, including the Admin panel for our Google Workplace setup for 20 employees. I have big hands, so the large screen was great, and the S-pen allowed me to be very exact with things like plotting out areas on a map or working with ArcGIS.

Just as important, you can set up Personal and Work profiles that stayed separate without any bleedover. If I needed a picture for work, but the camera app was on my personal profile, I'd end up having to upload to Google Drive then redownload on the Work side to use it for work. I know it sounds like an inconvenience, and I imagine it would be if you're the type who could hand your unlocked phone to your pastor, but for the rest of us it can be a lifesaver.

2 years in and it was still working great. Had a metal Pelican case you needed an Allen wrench to take off. Then I set it on my hood while airing up my tires and drove off. It fell off a mile down the road and was run over. It STILL worked for 30 days until I could afford the upgrade fees to get a new phone.

It was, however, the last Note that Samsung made before discontinuing the model...a move that was understandable considering the Note ranked in the top 5, 10, 20 every year it was in production (that was sarcasm). I tried the S23 Ultra because the S-Ultras were marketed as the successor to the Note. It is an inferior device in every point I mentioned above. It has an S-pen, but there is a glitch nobody can figure out that causes the phone not to be able to connect to it. The ultimate deal killer was the S23's refusal to pick up any bluetooth microphone, even on Samsung Buds. Means no hands-free phone calls. It has been such a disappointment that I'm tossing it in a drawer and getting my Note20 Ultra fixed this week.

Best Device for Extracurricular Activities: Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021) (Model XT2043-4 running Android 11)

A friend gave this one to me. I already have service with a different phone, so I only use it on WiFi. I unlocked the bootloader, rooted it with Magisk, then set it up Kali Nethunter.* It runs the chroot without any issues, and I haven't had any issues with any apps from the Nethunter store.** The WiFi and Bluetooth antennas can pick up signal from a decent distance away from whatever network I'm using it on.

I have not tested is using it as a HID device to bruteforce lockscreens on other phones. I have the necessary programs set up to do it, and the logs indicate everything is good, I just haven't physically plugged it into a different phone. Since I was able to do that on a Moto G7 Play, I don't see why it won't work.

*There is no official build for this device, but they do provide instructions on how to build and set up devices that aren't supported.

**The exception to this are Hijacker and Nexmon, which require custom firmware for external WiFi adapters that can be used in monitor mode. They may work, I just haven't figured it out yet. Interceptor-NG works fine for ARP spoofing, and I haven't had a need (yet) to set up an access point for MITM purposes, so I just haven't put in the time on it.

Posted : 14/03/2024 8:46 pm
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Realme 6.

- It's lightweight and slim.

- Excellient camera Quality(64mp).

- Battery backup is good.

- Everything just works.

Posted : 27/05/2024 5:59 am
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