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Bitcoin Explained in short story

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Group of monkeys were living close to one village

One day a business man came to that village willing to buy all of those monkeys, he announced that he is paying a 100$ for each one of those monkeys

Villagers thought the business man is really CRAZY.. but they after few days everybody went out trying to capture those monkeys and they found that the business man
is really PAYING them.

After one week, the business man announced again that he needs more monkeys and willing to pay 200$ this time. damn it villagers couldn`t sleep they ALL went capturing
as much as possible from those monkeys.

After 1 month the business man announced that he is going to another village to tell them the same and will be back after 1 month to buy all the monkeys for a 1000$

and he will leave his ASSISTANT to take care of those monkeys which he bought from the villagers till he comes back from his short trip.

villagers found that there is NO MORE monkeys to capture, some people captured few and waiting for the business man to come back. then the story began here

the ASSISTANT SECRETLY sold those monkeys to the villagers again for 700$ so that they can sell it again later to the business man for 1000$.

some people sold their property/gold whatever they had to get into this good profiting Quick business.

after some time the business man did not show & the ASSISTANT disappeared also leaving the villagers with their monkeys

This is the Bitcoin short story where FEW people will get RICH and the other MOST will FALL (bankruptcy).

how bad is the story guys?

Posted : 12/02/2018 2:57 pm
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This one is still my favourite )

Posted : 12/02/2018 5:38 pm