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Galaxy S8+ plus on encryption pin screen

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Good day,

I dropped my S8+, shuttering the screen badly. The phone powered back on only to discover that l am left with dead zones on the screen. I know my encryption pin but the numpad is partially under the dead zones. I failed to rotate the screen and am unable to get external input devices to work on the encryption screen. Can someone please assist.

I am not prepared to replace an entire screen just to enter a 4 digit pin 

Posted : 30/03/2024 8:23 pm
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OTG devices should work on secure startup screen. Make sure the adapter you're using is ok, as well as the port itself. Check if phone is detected in device manager.


You can also use UFED to extract the phone. It should allow you to enter the passcode in UFED instead of on the phone screen.

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Posted : 08/04/2024 8:05 pm