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This company claims to be able to lift and isolate specific audio frequencies and vocal artifacts from poor audio recordings.


Has anyone ever used them?

I have some security camera files, were an argument outside our office turned into a fight against one of our employees.
The audio is not very clear and our lawyer wants the audio cleaned up, so we can identify who said what to whom.

(The other person is saying that our employee provoked him by what was said).

The conversation in the cam footage is almost inaudible because of traffic and background noise, but you can certainly see there is something bad being said between these 2 people.

So we are hoping there must be enough digital information of the conversation that can be enhanced, once all the other sound is taken away.
we want to see who is telling the truth.

Please let me know if anyone has used this service, or if there are other ways of cleaning up audio files.

linusmay @

Posted : 13/11/2019 11:53 pm
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This company claims to be able to lift and isolate specific audio frequencies and vocal artifacts from poor audio recordings.

[ … deleted URL … ]

Has anyone ever used them?

Well, it's the web site that you cite as your home site in your profile, so … just based on appearances, you would probably know better than we.

But … I could be wrong, and you might have fumbled. The standard approach with unknown service providers is to ask for customer references, and to follow them up.

If the customers they claim are for real, you should be able to get at least few.

Posted : 14/11/2019 7:51 am
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As stated above get references, see previous work carried out.

Look at Case Study 2 on their website,

Vocals extracted from CCTV tape.
We had a CCTV security tape submitted showing an assault between 2 people in a public car park.
The video and audio on the tape showed the 2 people arguing, however the audio was extremely bad and also the recording possessed loud ambient background noise, traffic, extreme weather, other people’s voices. Furthermore, the overall recording quality was poor due to the basic microphone that was attached to the original security camera.
We were tasked with extracting the voice data of the 2 suspects, from the rest of the audio, so that we could show who was saying what to whom and (more importantly), what exactly was being said between the 2 people.
We extracted an audio track which contained ONLY the dialogue between the 2 people in question. We were able to remove almost all the other sound without losing any vocal integrity.
Once the exposed conversation was neatly isolated, distortion from the clipped audio required further cleanup for unmistakable intelligibility—a distinction that is key in a courtroom. These heavily distorted vocals also needed some de-crackle to really bring the audio up to unmistakable quality and final audio clarity.
We also produced a full transcript of the conversation between the 2 people. Both the transcript and the enhanced audio file of the extracted vocal track were submitted to our client for further action.

Taken from http//

Sounds very very similar to what you are asking us…………

Posted : 14/11/2019 9:34 am
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Thank you, athulin.

My company advised against using our Company name in the profile, as we are in the legal dispute with the 3rd party, as it could have an affect on proceedings going forward.

The company i wanted the information on -/Audio/- url was copied to my clipboard and that must have got pasted when i signed up.
Still i corrected it now - thank you for pointing it out. (But, of course i did not check my signup info…so my bad).

Thank you again, i hope i can also contribute if the future to other members issues, that i have expertise of.

Warmest regards,

Posted : 14/11/2019 9:43 am