Help with a hacker.
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Help with a hacker.

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In late 2019, I got into an argument with an old college roommate over the phone. Hours after this argument took place I recieved a second call from a mutual friend trying to play the role of peace maker. This mutual friend is a very intelligent and highly skilled cyber security professional. Toward the end of the second call, the mutual friend said he would get back to me.

He never did.

Shortly afterward I noticed strange occurrences on my computer. I started running programs from bleeping which eventually lead to me finding thousands of questionable links in the cache of one of my browsers. I had a banner appear at the top of my chrome browser that stated my browser was under control of or being watched by my organization. (this is my personal computer).


I started losing access to my various online accounts. Someone went as far as to remove my phone number from my facebook account to make it unrecoverable. Someone added my email address that I no longer had access to my bank account in an apparent effort to track my purchases. I only found this out after going to the atm and being notified after my transaction that a receipt was going to said email. The list of episodes I have experienced is excessive.


Since this activity started I've had bizarre phone patterns that have plagued my personal cell phone as well as the phone lines at work. I've had excessive pre recorded calls, the phone ringing once and then hanging up, and me answering the phone to silence. These prerecord calls have all been a similar recording sometimes in excess of 20+ calls a day. On rare occasion these pre recordings contain content about ISIS. This activity has been daily and relentless.


I have tried changing cell phone, numbers, and carriers. They have not only followed me but taunted me beyond mercy to let me know they are still there. I have purchased new laptops and changed my router.


I went to the FBI at their location here in fort washington pa but they were unable to help me. I went to my local police and even gave them one of my laptops but they were unable to help me either. I have followed up with my local police on multiple occasions and although they have treated me in a professional matter is obvious they think I'm crazy.


I have tried common cyber security products such as a VPN and a password manager. Although I have used these products, I started using them after they have gained access to my system and I am therefore not sure how effect they have been. I am not a cyber security professional but through my own research I am convinced they are hacking/stalking me through the ss7/diameter systems.


After trying law enforcement and various cyber security products, I am now turning to you. This has been a very real problem for going on 2 years now and I would like it to stop. I want control over my devices and my privacy restored.


If anyone out there feels like they can offer me assistance then I am humbly requesting your help.

Thank you for your time,



Posted : 09/06/2021 2:52 am
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Posted by: @kd19148

I am convinced they are hacking/stalking me through the ss7/diameter systems.

What brought you to this conclusion? 

Posted : 23/07/2021 2:44 pm
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Hello Kevin,

To start I strongly suggest you get something like McAfee or a well known AV to see if someone has a possible trojan on your computer. There are multiple avenues you can go about seeing if they have hacked to your computer, I wish I could be there to help hands on but am unable to.

Do you have a clean computer that you can try running Wireshark or the likes on? It will show you network traffic which could help identify where someone is connecting to your computer on IF they even are.

It very well could be they got into a gmail or an account of some sort and you just use the same passwords for all of your accounts. Is this the case maybe?

Local PD usually don't have the capabilities to help most folks unless they are in danger of their life or something illegal, like CP. I do hope you figure it out, if you need any additional help feel free to direct message me.

Posted : 01/12/2021 3:39 pm
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