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I need help... my photos, videos, and other info is being sent to other parties

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My photos, videos from my phone and security Camera are being edited, my texts and voicemail are being emailed and texted to other places, and the code scripts are being changed in my devices. (I was reading one command thing and it literally said "you're not that important" within the command line.) I think someone I know is doing it because I feel like they would need access to my physical phone and other devices to do everything I've seen. However, even though I have contacted Samsung, ATT, and Apple, no one can tell me the info I need, just that I've been hacked and how to prevent it again. My issue is, that if it's someone I know, it will happen again, AND if it is, I need to know who, because this is beyond creepy. Either way I need to get my stuff to the police because there is what looks to be code on child porn and hidden camera access, but I don't want to give my stuff to them if they're not equipt to do a deep dive like I need. I am scared and feel helpless, and I really need some guidance. I'm not an IT specialist and investigating this on my own is exhausting and very difficult.

Posted : 11/11/2021 11:24 pm
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