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malicious app analysis

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After finding many iTunes files on my pc , all with the warning that they were apple developer versions and to contact security at apple , i noticed unusual activity and strange things occurring on my iPhone . As such i had my ( not jail broken ) iPhone analyzed by somebody claiming to be certified by cellebrite , however i have more than 10 versions of apps ( .ipa files ) not found on google or the iTunes store ,

ALL no hits on google
Outlook 1.2.5.ipa no hits google
Messenger 29.1.ipa found on 5 sites and is modified

of more concern is no reference to certain standard apple apps like

He claims my iphone is fine !!!!

It is not rocket science , if i cannot fine my version of gmail or outlook on the internet , surely there is an issue

Regardless is anybody able to analyze the and tell me what it is really doing , if so how much would it cost /

Thanking you in advance

Ben laffer

Topic starter Posted : 03/09/2015 9:26 pm
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