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Outsourcing internal forensics investigations

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We currently conduct in-house forensics from time to time, typically involves checking to see if a user had stored any business-related documents on external media and if so when was the last time they accessed them.  We also use ShellBags to look for the presence of business-related folders on external media.  We occasionally look at MFT and USN Journal to cross-check whether files may have existed on the local drive.  Basically building a picture.


We might want to out-source this operation in future, I appreciate that 3rd parties wouldn't be able to make any value judgements so would expect a deliverable to state factually what was where and when.


Does anyone know any 3rd parties who could take on this type of work in Connecticut and/or Texas, and UK.  We would send the computer together with decryption key (currently McAfee WDE but moving to Bitlocker with Intune) to the 3rd party.  I also appreciate that the configuration of the internal drive may affect things as may the presence or quantity of VSCs, but assume 500GB SSDs and 2 VSCs (which is what I've seen mostly recently).


Also, we don't do currently any forensics on mobile devices (skills and tools), but I can't see that this is not an area we wouldn't want to explore in future so would be good if 3rd parties also had that capability.


If anyone has a feel for pricing too that would be great!


PM me if that's better for you.


Look forward to hearing from some folks



Posted : 10/06/2021 2:21 pm
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I saw your message in another area but ill reply here as well. you can try KLDiscovery

Posted : 08/07/2021 3:32 pm
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HI Peter

Just joined FORENSICS FOCUS and noted your query.   We are located in Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas, and would have an interest in conducting outsourced digital data forensics.   We have a large variety of forensic tools at our disposal and would entertain this opportunity.  




Posted : 28/07/2022 5:35 am
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