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Wrongly convicted, forensic expert (email) opinion needed

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I was wrongly convicted for a criminal offence. I was released very recently on bail pending the hearing of my appeal of conviction after 4 1/2 years in custody. My conviction was largely due to the testimony of a police computer expert who testified that an email that I in fact sent from 416 area code (Toronto) in the early morning hours of Sept.19, 2011, was certainly sent from within the 613 area code at 1206 pm his testimony was based on the email header data which does show 1206 pm and IP trace does show 613 area.
How can this be?
I am not lying.

I do not have any money, I am in a wheelchair and living in a homeless shelter. Legal Aid is financing my appeal and funding for an expert can be obtained but the defense first must show such funding is merited, meaning we need an opinion from someone with expertise at least equal to the police expert (who had a very impressive curriculum vitae).

I know that computer geniuses who are able to hack sophisticated security systems, create and spread viruses etc—ppl who know how to cover their tracks— still get caught because there is a record of all network traffic. The info MUST be available to show the email was sent when and from where as I have stated.

Note that the email was sent from a friend's basement, who was too cheap to pay for internet and bummed off neighbor's wireless it was often an extremely weak signal–I don't know if this could be a factor. Also, other emails of mine sent from the same email account had IP addresses had IP data as being sent from a city I haven't been in for 30 years.

Forensic experts in Toronto seem to be far and few between, and I haven't been able to find anyone willing to look into this without money being paid up front I simply don't have it.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2016 4:44 pm
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