Forensic SQLite Viewer Reveals Personal Information and Restores Deleted Data

Delivering support for .sqlite, .sqlitedb, .sqlite3 and .db3 file types, Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer lets mobile forensics experts learn useful information about a suspect by providing instantaneous access to SQLite database files. These files are used in Apple, Android and Symbian Series 60 smart phones to store SMS messages, notes, calls, application logins and passwords, voice mail and other forensically important information…The program opens a database in the “read-only” mode automatically and displays its structure and content in a table view. The user can discover many handy features to manipulate data. For example, it is possible to convert text to other encodings, convert dates to readable formats, detect and play media content, search and filter content.

Also unique to Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer is deleted data recovery. For this, it analyzes database blocks that contain deleted data, restores and displays recovered clusters right in the tables with undeleted data. If necessary, the user can switch from viewing restored clusters back to data blocks to see them as they are in their entirety.

Once being part of Oxygen Forensic Suite that has won worldwide acclaim for its outstanding accuracy and exhaustiveness in extracting forensic data from smart phones, Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer is now available as a standalone application for an attractive price, only $199 USD. More information about the product can be found at

About Oxygen Software:
Oxygen Software was founded in 2000. Since that time the company develops PC software for mobile devices and offers the most advanced tool for forensic data extraction from cell phones and smart phones, Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011. Committed to the slogan “Oxygen Forensic Suite – Smart Forensics for Smart Phones”, Oxygen Software puts all of its efforts into providing the most exhaustive extraction of forensic data from devices running on Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Apple iOS, and Android. As a result, Oxygen Forensic Suite consistently achieves the highest accolades in all types of tests for extracting more data than any other competitor in mobile forensics. For more information about the company and its products, please visit

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