Oxygen Conducts Advanced iOS and Android Forensics Training

Oxygen Software announces series of upcoming training events. Advanced iOS Forensic Training and Advanced Android Forensic Training events will be held in June 2012 in London, UK. The training sessions will teach customers extract information from iOS and Android devices, covering popular topics such as platform history, device models, differences in GSM/CDMA/4G devices, forensic differences between the many iOS and Android versions. The sessions will cover information storage principles in mobile devices, data protection implemented in different versions iOS and Android, and provide detailed information about the different acquisition methods available.The training sessions will teach attendees how to discover deleted data, decrypt keychain items, root and jailbreak devices, and cover many other topics and techniques required for successful investigations. The first Standard license training and certification will be held in June 2012, Myrtle Beach, USA. After the training all the attendees receive unique official certificates and prolonged license keys containing information about the certification that is displayed in Oxygen Forensic Suite interface and reports

Advanced iOS Forensic Training and Android Forensic Training programs are designed for experienced investigators, IT security and forensic specialists. The sessions give an overview of state-of-the-art operating systems, hardware and software available for supported platforms, provide detailed information about forensic differences between prior and current generation platforms, and teach attendees the most effective techniques of extracting protected information out of supported devices.

Attendees are eligible for a 30% discount towards an Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 edition of their choice. Companies with four or more attendees will be eligible for one free Analyst license.

Oxygen Software has recently updated its licensing policy, making the Standard edition of Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 available free of charge for the first 6 month. Under the new terms, the Standard edition of the company’s flagship mobile forensic tool becomes free to eligible customers providing they take Oxygen-approved forensic training. Customers passing a certified training may not only keep their free license, but also receive one year of free updates. Under the current terms, certified customers receive the time-unlimited right to use Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 Standard at no charge. With certified training courses, Oxygen offers forensic specialists an opportunity to obtain the tool and skills necessary to extract evidence out of the many mobile devices available on the market today.

Customers passing the training will also receive a status as a Certified Oxygen Forensic Suite User, accompanied by newly issued license keys containing certification information. Certification information will be displayed in the program’s main window, and will be embedded in all reports created by Oxygen Forensic Suite.

Users of free 6-month licenses for Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 are encouraged to participate in this event in order to keep their free licenses.

More information about the upcoming forensic training series will be announced on the company’s Web site at http://www.oxygen-forensic.com/en/training/

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