Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 betatesters program

Oxygen Software announces the launch of the Oxygen Forensic Suite Betatesters program – an opportunity for mobile forensic examiners to get acquainted with new features before their pubic release. Moreover betatesters will be able to change how new features appears at final release…We welcome you to join Oxygen Forensic Suite Betatesters today and influence the development of the product on your demands.

The most current beta version available is Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v. It introduces the following features and changes:

  1. Desktop: Added new "Create Nokia PM (Permanent Memory) file…" menu item into the Actions menu, available on OpenTestFeatures key.
  2. Phonebook: Added Print column.
  3. File Browser: Filebrowser section is now available for all phone models regardless of XML, available on OpenTestFeatures key.
  4. Activity: Added preliminary support for Apple VoiceMail, available on OpenTestFeatures key for iPhone non-jailbroken and DMG backup file.
  5. Web Connections and Location Services: Added new Locations tab, available on OpenTestFeatures key.
  6. Web Connections and Location Services: Added Save button for selected points into Google Earth (KML) file, available on OpenTestFeatures key.
  7. Web Connections and Location Services: default name while exporting KML files is Alias+Sections+time.kml, available on OpenTestFeatures key.
  8. Web Connections and Location Services: after file saving opens Windows Explorer with a focus on the saved *.kml file.
  9. Applications: Added MySpace.xml and foursquare.xml templates
  10. and more…
  11. [/list:o] Please note that we reserve the right to decline your application without explaining the reasons.

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