Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v3.1 released

Oxygen Software today announces Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v.3.1. This release adds support for new Apple iPad 2, Apple iOS 4.3 and the latest iTunes v.10.2.1. The new version improves support for Android OS devices: more than 30 new device profiles; improved Calendar support; File Browser section and more…New in Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v.3.1:

  1. Added support for iTunes 10.2.1.
  2. Added support for Apple iOS 4.3.
  3. Added support for Apple iPad 2.
  4. Added preliminary support for iPhone 4 branded by AT&T and Verizon.
  5. Added support for more than 30 Android OS devices and for 10 Windows Mobile OS devices.
  6. File Browser. Added support for Android OS devices. Data is extracted from the flash card.
  7. Connection. Added a new OxyAgent for Android OS devices.
  8. Phonebook, Web Browsers Cache Analyzer. Added Print column that allows to select items for printing and exporting.
  9. Phonebook. Added Show contact button that opens contact details.
  10. Applications. Added support for MySpace and Foursquare applications user data.
  11. Applications. Added information about source database files for Google Mobile application to the left Source files panel.
  12. Applications. Applications data panel size is saved now.
  13. Timeline. Phone Activity section is renamed to Timeline.
  14. Timeline. Added export of Timeline items details.
  15. Timeline. Added Details information to Timeline record info panel. Relevant Contact information is moved to a separate panel on the left.
  16. Timeline. While switching between devices and applying filters the selected object remains focused.
  17. Backup Extraction Wizard. Changed behaviour of the Load backup file button. Open file dialog appears now as a default action.
  18. Calendar. Improved support for Android OS v.2.2.
  19. Export. Improved print and export functionality. Export and Print buttons are greyed out when no items are selected for printing and exporting.
  20. Connection. Updated settings for Sony Ericsson Xperia and Samsung Android OS devices.
  21. More changes and fixes.
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