Oxygen Forensic Suite v2.4 adds e-mail extraction from Nokia S40 platform

Oxygen Software company announces the immediate availability of Oxygen Forensic Suite v2.4. The new version contains major changes including renewed File Browser, ability to change database storage place and e-mail messages extraction from Nokia Series 40 phones. It also fixes some issues in iPhone 3GS support…Forensically important user data can occupy significant space on hard disk. To optimize disk usage Oxygen Forensic Suite now offers the ability to set local storage for extracted data. If you need to move your existing database to another disk having more free space the Data Transfer Wizard will help you to do that.

Camera shots and videos are the subject of interest in any forensic investigation nowadays. Forensic experts get a real freedom of action with new File Browser. Just filter data by folder and file type to reveal the whole picture on your own visual angle. Now you don’t need to wait to view search results. Speeded up case insensitive file search with wildcards support returns data fetch just in an eye wink.

E-mail correspondence contains a lot of valuable information, especially in mobile devices where each manually typed word increases the value of the message. Oxygen Forensic Suite 2.4 adds support for e-mail extraction from Nokia Series 40 3rd edition devices. Together with e-mail acquisition from Symbian OS, Windows Mobile 5/6 and iPhone OS smartphones Oxygen Forensic Suite strengthens user communication data coverage.

New trial limitations show extracted data in full. We removed “10 entries from each category” limitation from the Trial version to let forensic experts an ability to observe all information acquired from the device. This improves the quality of trial evaluation in times and offers a full range of features available in registered version for 30 days.

To get acquainted with new just sign up for our nearest training course that will take place in October, 2009.

Changes in Oxygen Forensic Suite 2.4:

– General. Added possibility to change database storage place. Now you can choose an appropriate database storage place according to your own discretion.
– General. Added free disk space check on your PC before data extraction from the mobile device.
– File Browser. Significantly re-designed interface. Added flat files lists based on filters (Structure, Images, Melodies, Video, Do*****ents, Applications, Other files, Geo files, Search).
– Messages. Added support for email messages reading from standard application for Nokia Series 40 3rd Edition mobile phones.
– General. Added official support for Windows 7 OS (32 bit).
– General. Added information about Oxygen Forensic Suite 2 version number which was used for data extraction form the mobile device. It is displayed in Desktop section and included into the information export.
– General. New field Owner number is added into Data Extraction Wizard. It is possible to set up to 4 phone numbers with different labels (mobile, home etc).
– General. Now hash first line indent is highlighted in every program section. Now you can easily find false data.
– Licensing. Introduced new trial version limitations: not more than 30 program launches are allowed, not more than 10 items of each section are exported and Trial version title appears while printing. Removed limitations by work time and data quantity read from the device. Now experts can evaluate full functionality of the software during the trial period.
– Added support for Windows Mobile smartphone: Acer DX650.
– Export. Added export of the messages attachments list into XLS reports.
– File Browser. Added whole file system export of the current section into the export file subdirectory.
– File Browser. Panel with a folders tree is now moved to the right section part. Added files filtering in folders.
– File Browser. Improved files sorting by groups and inside groups.
– File Browser. New buttons View and Hide Unread are added to the toolbar.
– File Browser. Removed side bar “Go to”.
– Extras. Phone Activity. Now history of visited internet sites and web cache pages is added into phone activity list.
– Extras. Phone Activity. Now it is possible to view MMS messages attachments.
– Extras. Phone Activity. Added possibility to show/hide repeated events of the Organizer section.
– Extras. Event Geo positioning. Google Maps snapshot is now added to report.
– Extras. File Browser. Fixed problem with geographical coordinates extraction and their display on the map.
– Connection. Fixed problem with iPhone 3GS (OS 3.0) connection.
– Phonebook. Fixed problem with leading zeros loss while exporting phone numbers into XLS reports.
– Extras. Phone Activity. Fixed problem with an incorrect displaying of the events time. Now it is displayed according to GMT.
– Extras. Phone Activity. Fixed problem with displaying of the highlighted groups titles.

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