Oxygen Forensic Suite v3.2 released

Oxygen Software has announced Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v.3.2. This release adds the Locations tab for Web Connections and Location Services – a way to track suspect movements with the ability to export routes to Google Earth. The new version breaks a 2000 supported devices milestone, enables customized report output and supports analysis of iPhone voicemail and FaceTime calls…New in Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v.3.2:
* Added support for Apple iOS 4.3.1.
* File Browser, Geo Event Positioning, Timeline, Web Connections and Location Services. Added export of geo coordinates to .KML file format that can be opened in Google Earth application.
* Web Connections and Location Services. Added Locations tab that presents the analyzed consolidated.db file and shows all the network activity of the device according to the GPS data. Available in PRO and Analyst licenses for Apple devices.
* Timeline. Added support for iPhone voicemail.
* Event Log. Added support for FaceTime calls for Apple devices.
* Device Information. Added Compact mode button that helps to hide some controls if the program is used on a PC with a small display.
* Export. Added exporting and printing of several marked devices from Desktop section.
* Export. Added possibility to select device sections for exporting and printing from Desktop section.
* Applications. Added support for Google Mail, Google Maps, Twitterific, Fring, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Flickr applications user data.
* Applications. Added a notification panel that reanalyzes the user data extracted in the previous program versions.
* Applications. Added table view of the information on User Data tab. Now you can switch between two view modes.
* File Browser, Web Browser Cache Analyzer. Added copying cells and rows to clipboard.
* Device Information. Added statistics for Dictionaries, Web Connections and Location Services sections.
* Desktop. Added Devices and cases column autosizing on double-click.
* The total number of supported devices is more than 2000 now.
* Added support for Android OS devices: LG P990, LG E720, LG P500, BeeLine E300 and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gaming console.
* Added support for Blackberry devices: BlackBerry 9300 Curve, BlackBerry 9780 Bold, BlackBerry 9670 Style and BlackBerry/Nextel 8350i iDEN.
* Added support for Windows Mobile OS devices: RoverPC Indigo, Highscreen Hippo and Highscreen Nano.
* Added preliminary support for Archos A7 Home Tablet, Archos A28 Internet Tablet, Archos A32 Internet Tablet, Archos A43 Internet Tablet, Archos A48 Internet Tablet, Archos A70 Internet Tablet and Archos A101 Internet Tablet.
* Timeline. Changed date filter behavior. Now you can filter the data before and after the specified date.
* Phonebook. Fixed problem with the data shift when all the data starting from Occupation column was moved one column to the right.
* Web Browser Cache Analyzer. Fixed problem when the data of the second web browser was exported from the ending point of the data of the first web browser.
* Web Browser Cache Analyzer. Fixed problem when PDF and RTF reports did not contain file size and hash algorithm information.
* Web Browser Cache Analyzer. Fixed problem with resizing of the right border of Path and Size columns.
* Desktop. Fixed problem when quick filter criteria were not reset after switching from any section to Desktop.
* All sections. Fixed problem with the side-bar drawing when entering any section.

Trial version is available for immediate download.

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