Oxygen Forensic Suite v3.3 released

Oxygen Software has announced Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v.3.3. This release adds three new sections: Google Mail, Google Maps and Yahoo! Mail which discover suspect activity and interests. The new version adds support for iPhone OS 4.3.3 devices, iTunes 10.2.2 and e-mail extraction for jail-broken iPhone OS 4.x devices. Timeline section gathers events from Applications section now providing even more data for event chronological analysis. All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer area.New in Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 v.3.3:

Added Google Mail section. It allows to investigate Gmail accounts, contacts and messages stored in the device. Available in Analyst license for Apple devices.
Added Google Maps section. It gives an opportunity to explore maps search history and stored bookmarks with full address and coordinates. Available in Analyst license for Apple devices.
Added Yahoo! Messenger section. It shows all available accounts, contact lists, phone numbers, messages and chats. Available in Analyst license for Apple devices.
Added support for iTunes 10.2.2.
Added support for Apple iOS 4.3.3.
Messages. Added e-mail support for jail-broken iPhone OS 4.x.
Timeline. Added Applications user data.
Applications. Added applications user data templates to the Device Definition Update.
Applications. Added support for Foursquare and Google Earth applications user data.
Added support for Windows Mobile OS devices: QiGi T900, QiGi U700, QiGi U700D, QiGi Smartbook U1000, QiGi Smartbook U2000, QiGi Smartbook III U3000, QiGi V800, QiGi Smartbook III V3000, QiGi V808, QiGi V880, QiGi W86, QiGi W86B, QiGi W700, QiGi W700B, QiGi W900 and QiGi AK008W.
Added support for Android OS devices: Archos A5 Internet Tablet, Archos A8 Home Tablet and HTC Incredible 2.
Added support for Symbian^3 smartphones: Nokia E6 and Nokia X7.
Added preliminary support for Camangi FM600 Internet Tablet.
Improved support for Archos A7 Home Tablet, Archos A28 Internet Tablet, Archos A32 Internet Tablet, Archos A43 Internet Tablet, Archos A48 Internet Tablet, Archos A70 Internet Tablet and Archos A101 Internet Tablet.
Desktop. Added general device icons for Apple,Android OS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile OS devices.
Web Connections and Location Services. Added icons for all actions on the Tasks panel.
Web Connections and Location Services. Locations. Added Point type column.
SQLite Viewer. Added Analyze Deleted Data button on the toolbar.
Messages. Improved support for iPod Touch with iOS 4.1.
Desktop. Improved Microsoft Windows x64 compatibility.

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