Oxygen Software Launches Forensic Plist Viewer

Oxygen Software today announces Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer, a new Windows utility for viewing Plist files used in Apple and Android smart phones. Earlier this tool was available only as part of Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011…Plist is a data file with the .plist extension. This format is used in Apple and Android smart phones to store various data, including forensically important information. Many built-in and external user applications store their settings, logins, passwords, history, logs in Plist files. The format is binary, which means that a plist file cannot be opened in a text editor such as Notepad. To view these files, forensic experts can use Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer, which provides a user-friendly interface for examining data of the smart phone itself, or its backup file.

Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer automatically unpacks a plist file and displays its content as a folder tree. The expert can view data, convert text entries to different encodings, and convert numeric values to Unix, Windows, or iOS dates. What’s more, the program can show binary content of cells, such as images, video and sound and export the content of a plist file to XML format for further analysis in other forensic software.

Viewing a plist file in Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer is very easy. Simply select a node of a plist file in the folder tree, and its content will open in the viewer. For example, if the user downloaded a file from the file sharing website, the investigator can see a direct link to that file, date of downloading, title of the webpage the file was downloaded from, as well as the number of visits to that webpage. In case of viewing binary content, the tool will detect its format and display an image, or play a sound automatically.

Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer is available in the Oxygen Software online store and costs 199 USD. To learn more about the utility, users can read the product overview, or download the trial at http://www.oxygen-forensic.com

About Oxygen Software

Oxygen Software was founded in year 2000. Since that time the company develops PC software for mobile devices and offers the most advanced tool for forensic data extraction from cell phones and smart phones, Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011. Committed to the slogan “Oxygen Forensic Suite – Smart Forensics for Smart Phones”, Oxygen Software puts all of its efforts into providing the most exhaustive extraction of forensic data from devices running on Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone OS, Android. As a result, Oxygen Forensic Suite consistently achieves the highest accolades in all types of tests for extracting more data than any competitor. For more information about the company, please visit www.oxygen-forensic.com

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