Updated Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 v. 4.2 Features

Oxygen Software updates Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012, the company’s flagship mobile forensic tool, offering a number of productivity, compatibility and performance improvements. A new aggregated view offers at-a-glance access to information stored in common mobile productivity applications such as Dropbox, Evernote and Remember The Milk. Two new Android OS messengers are supported, Textie and HeyTell. In addition, four more Web browsers for the Android platform are also supported, including Atomic, Ninesky, UC Browser and UC Browser Lite. Minor improvements to Communication Statistics and brand-new exporting engine are added.Investigating Productivity Apps, Document and File Exchange Applications
The latest release of Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 adds support for two more mobile productivity applications for both Android and iOS platforms, Evernote and Remember The Milk. Together with Dropbox, these applications now form the new Productivity (Business) group. Available to Analyst license holders, the new Productivity group offers at-a-glance access to tasks, notes, account settings, shared photos and documents, and files uploaded with supported applications.

Two New Messengers and Four Mobile Web Browsers Supported
Oxygen Software is committed to extending forensic support for popular communication and Web browser tools. This new release of Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 adds support for two Android-based instant messenger applications: Textie and HeyTell. Account details, communication logs and contact information are available.
In addition, four additional Android OS Web browsers are now supported: Atomic, Ninesky, UC Browser and UC Browser Lite. Web browsing history, stored bookmarks, cached files and cookies can be retrieved and analyzed. Support for the new Web browsers and messengers will be available to users of PRO and Analyst licenses.

New Export Engine
The latest release of Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 features an all-new exporting engine. The new exporting engine runs faster and consumes less memory than the version it replaces, offering less wait time and better performance when saving information extracted with Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 into third-party formats.

Improved Communication Statistics
The Communication Statistics section updated with minor improvements including the ability to calculate common statistics for multiple devices, adding a date range filter and offering other enhancements to make experts’ job easier.

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