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Opinions on Blacklight

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I requested a demo of Blacklight so that I can test it out but I'd also love to hear feedback from the people on this forum.

Specifically, what do you think of its capabilities as a primary forensic tool, e.g. for acquisition, search/indexing, disk forensics.

How does it rate for iOS, Android, Mac, and/or Windows?

How do the artifact capabilities rate against Belkasoft or IEF?

How is the performance?

If you moved away from Blacklight, why?

If you use Blacklight, how does it fit in among your other tools?



Topic starter Posted : 27/07/2017 12:35 am

We've used BL for a few years and really like it. We got it back when it was a iOS and Mac only tool, but they've grown into both Android and Windows territory too.

They don't have an imaging tool (except Macquizition - which is real nice to have). So your imager of choice will be required - FTK probably.

I bounce cases off Encase and Cellebrite on BL and find generally it holds up just fine. Sometimes it finds data that on either misses or requires some work to nurse out. BL does a great job of parsing deleted SQLite records from phones.

I'd recommend it.

Posted : 17/08/2017 6:30 am