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After SQLite, What Next? A Must-Read Primer On LevelDB

Over recent weeks, Alex Caithness, Principal Analyst at CCL Solutions, has been exploring the LevelDB database format. As ubiquitous as SQLite has become owing to the popularity of iOS and Android, he argues, “The trio of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript … Read more

Podcast: Doug Brush On Careers In Digital Forensics

Christa: To paraphrase a popular career title: What color is your digital forensics parachute? What path are you on currently? Is it the one you want to be on? And how do you know, when the field might look very … Read more

How To Use UFED Physical Analyzer 7.33

We set out on a journey to devise a more intuitive design with improved navigation, visuals, and tools to optimize UFED Physical Analyzer to help you save valuable time and get the job done accurately. Now you can find evidence … Read more

Charles Kline, Product Manager, Nuix

Charles, you’ve been with Nuix for 8+ years, but you haven’t always worked in digital forensics software. What drew you to it? 

That’s true. Prior to working at Nuix I helped build a self-service platform that enabled independent musicians to … Read more