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The Dos And Don’ts Of Mobile Forensics

Did you know that mobile devices are a main source of digital evidence in criminal investigations?  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  More than 90% of criminal cases today involve mobile devices as their main source of evidence. The largest challenge facing many digital forensic investigators are locked … Read more

FTK Feature Focus: Reporting System Summary

Justin: With the recently released 7.4.2 of FTK, you’ve probably seen a lot of webinars, presentations and demos regarding the new buffed features of system summary. We’ve shown you all the artifacts it gets; we’ve shown you how to use … Read more

The Integrated Future Of Mobile Forensics

A mobile device is a goldmine of data; in an era where 98% of investigations involve some form of digital evidence and data volumes continue to grow exponentially, having the most advanced mobile forensic tools at your disposal – from … Read more

The GrayKey Difference: Logical vs File System

Originally posted here.

Law Enforcement agencies perform logical acquisitions of unlocked iOS devices when they do not have access to GrayKey.  The logical acquisition has been an industry-leading iOS acquisition method used by investigators and forensic examiners because of … Read more

What The Tech? Using FTK Imager

Holli: Hi, everyone. We’ll get started in just a minute. 

Okay. It looks like we have a good amount of people that have entered into the webinar, so I’ll go ahead and get started. 

Thank you for joining us today … Read more