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Event Recap: DFRWS-USA Virtual 2022

The Digital Forensics Research Workshop was back in virtual format for its USA edition running Monday, July 11th through Thursday, July 14th. Six sessions on memory forensics, similarity hashing, application forensics, live and static system analysis, multimedia forensics, and miscellaneous … Read more

Dan Dollarhide, Sales Engineer, Oxygen Forensics

FF: Dan, let’s start with a little about you. How and when did you first get into digital forensics, and what made you stay?

Dan: I come from Law Enforcement, and while working as an Investigator I was assigned … Read more

The Great Resignation in DFIR

Christa: Welcome back to the Forensic Focus Podcast. I’m Christa Miller and we’re back this week with co-hosts Simon Biles and Alex Desmond.

Simon: Hey, guys.

Alex: Hey.

Christa: Good to see you again. So I … Read more

Welcome to the 14th Forensic Technology Days 2022

With only 3 weeks to go until mh Service GmbH’s annual Forensic Technology Day — which begins on the 28th of September and features the world’s leading forensics practitioners — it will soon be time to pack your toothbrush, dust … Read more

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