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Event Recap: Forensics Europe Expo (FEE) 2023

In what used to be the unusably polluted London docklands lies the ExCeL (Exhibition Centre London). FEE shares a hall with CTX (Counter Terror Expo) in the ExCeL, and accordingly the stands vary between the preventative and the investigative – … Read more

Programming Languages, Flipper And Gaming

Si: Right. So welcome to the Forensic Focus podcast, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and anybody else who wishes to identify as anything else in between those variables. Desi and I today just going to have a nice catch … Read more

Forensic Focus Attends Forensics Europe Expo 2023

Today Forensic Focus is attending Forensics Europe Expo (FEE) 2023, held at London ExCeL. The event brings together global forensic investigation solution providers and offers a space where practitioners can learn about the latest technology and solutions. The conference takes … Read more

Amped Replay – Video Evidence Made Easy. And Safe!

Handling and storing Digital Media Evidence has plagued Law Enforcement agencies around the world for far too long. Copious amounts of discs, media cards and USB drives containing Police evidence in the form of video and audio recordings have come … Read more

How To Start A Career In Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is an exciting and rapidly growing field that deals with the investigation and recovery of digital evidence from electronic devices. As cybercrimes continue to increase, so does the demand for skilled digital forensics professionals. This article will provide … Read more

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