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Industry Roundup: Online Digital Forensics Training

by Christa Miller, Forensic Focus 

Online digital forensics training has been around for a number of years, offered as a convenient alternative to in-person training for examiners who couldn’t travel or were otherwise resource-constrained. In an unforeseen twist, though, live Read more

How To Collect Data Using MacQuisition Live

As more employees are required to work from home, we’ve heard from our customers that they need the ability to remotely collect data from Mac systems without having to send MacQuisition hardware to someone’s home. In order to help our Read more

How To Acquire Cloud Data With MD-CLOUD

‘17.5 Zettabytes.’ This is the amount of data that the IDC estimates will be generated annually by 2025, and among those numbers, cloud traffic is expected to grow and reach 18.9 Zettabytes by 2021.

This tremendous amount of cloud data … Read more

Forensic Pattern Of Life Analysis

by Christa Miller, Forensic Focus

Pattern of life analysis isn’t a new concept to anyone who’s ever been involved with intelligence, in particular surveillance.  It’s all about the habits that people — suspects, persons of interest, crime victims, or those Read more