MSAB: Top 10 Updates Of 2020

The top 10 most valuable updates of 2020, from MSAB:

  1. 32,931 supported profiles
  2. Including iOS 14, Samsung A & J series, Huawei Mediatech devices and LG Qualcomm devices
  3. Checkm8 exploit is now integrated in XRY
  4. New connected device screen capture
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How To Use Nuix Promote To Discover

Welcome everyone. My name is Jenna Czaplicki, and today I’m going to walk you through a feature called ‘Promote to Discover.’

Promote to Discover is a feature available in both Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate, but today we will focus … Read more

How To Use The Categories Filter In XAMN

Welcome to this quick how-to guide explaining how to work with the Categories filter within XAMN. Categories filter is a powerful tool that is built into the heart of XAMN to help you quickly identify artifacts of a specific type … Read more