Nuix Investigate Power User Webinar

Charles: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for the Nuix Investigate power user webinar. My name is Charles Klein. I am product manager for Nuix Investigate, and I am joined today with my colleague Gareth Bernard, who is one … Read more

How To Use And Export Cloud Tokens With XRY

In this video, I’m going to show you how to download cloud tokens with XRY. This does require the XRY Cloud license to download them. You don’t get them without that license – as you can see here, I did … Read more

How To Use The Magnet Web Page Saver

Hey everyone, Tarah Melton here, and today we’re going to walk through a workflow that you can use alongside a new artifact in AXIOM 4.4 that will help you present data output from Magnet’s free too, the Magnet Web Page … Read more

How To Find Location Data From Pictures In XAMN

Welcome to this XAMN feature demonstration video. In this video I will show the use of XAMN filters to find images containing location information, this being longitude, latitude or even both. I will also demonstrate how to create a pivot … Read more

Somebody Else’s Hero: Mental Health In Digital Forensics

Impostor syndrome is a common topic on LinkedIn and other professional online career communities, but it seems especially poignant among digital forensics analysts, who frequently work 9-5 Monday to Friday viewing things that no human eye should ever have to … Read more