What Changes Do We Need To See In eDiscovery? Part VII

Harold Burt-Gerrans talks about how to deal with structured data in ediscovery cases.

I’m baaaaa–ack! And you thought I was done with my earlier six-part series, but I have a new topic to
add to my rants and raves. For … Read more

A Comprehensive Walkthrough Of Counter UAV Analysis

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are as fraught as they are fascinating. For every hobbyist flying a drone around the neighborhood on a sunny weekend, there is a neighbor concerned with whether a system’s onboard camera is spying on … Read more

Are You Looking To Get #DFIRfit In 2021?

Few digital forensics practitioners would dispute that their job is largely sedentary: there’s a lot of sitting, be it in labs, vehicles (including aircraft), meeting rooms, and conference lecture rooms, among others.

That only became more true in 2020, when … Read more

Writing DFIR Reports: A Primer

“How do I write a good DFIR report?” – Literally Everyone at some point

You wouldn’t believe how many times that question gets asked out of me here at Marshall University (and sometimes in the DFIR community). Year after year … Read more

How To Extract Text From Files Using OCR In Magnet AXIOM

Tara: Hey everyone, Tara Melton here, and I’m going to be showing you a new and exciting feature introduced in AXIOM 4.8. Now you can extract text from certain files using optical character recognition, or OCR, technology.

AXIOM will extract … Read more

How To Investigate The Source Camera Of Digital Videos

Unique features that allow for identification are considered a real blessing in investigations. First, there was fingerprint analysis, then DNA analysis brought a real revolution, raising the contribution of scientific analysis to investigations at unprecedented levels. The field of digital … Read more