Telling Digital Stories: Making Forensic Evidence Persuasive

Information, both substantive and temporal, gleaned through a forensic data investigation may be critically important to the issues in a legal case. Thanks to today’s technologies and investigative methods, this important evidence has never been as precise, accurate, effective, detailed, … Read more

Nuix Investigate Power User Webinar

Charles: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for the Nuix Investigate power user webinar. My name is Charles Klein. I am product manager for Nuix Investigate, and I am joined today with my colleague Gareth Bernard, who is one … Read more

How To Use And Export Cloud Tokens With XRY

In this video, I’m going to show you how to download cloud tokens with XRY. This does require the XRY Cloud license to download them. You don’t get them without that license – as you can see here, I did … Read more