Cyber Scandals And When (Not) To Trust Computers

Desi: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Forensic Focus Podcast. Si: With our usual levels of professionalism. Desi: Yeah, we started talking and I was like, “Let’s start recording”. So welcome, everyone. It’s been a while since we’ve done a podcast… Read more

Empowering Law Enforcement With Nick Harvey From Cellebrite

Si Biles: Welcome friends and enemies to another episode of the Forensic Focus podcast. Tonight we have with us Nick Harvey from Cellebrite. A recent migrator to Cellebrite, and everybody here has heard of Cellebrite because we talked to various… Read more

Becoming An Amped FIVE Certified Examiner (AFCE)

Si and Desi interview Emi Polito from Amped about their new certification called Amped Five Certified Examiner (AFCE). They discuss the exam requirements, format, timeline for certification, and Amped’s future plans. E… Read more

Protecting Victims From Stalkerware And Tech-Enabled Abuse

Si and Desi talk to Eva Galperin, Director of Cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Emma Pickering, Head of Tech and Economic Abuse at Refuge. They discuss the impact of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) in cases of… Read more