Investigating Video: The Vital First Steps

David: Hi everyone and hope you’re all okay. It’s the afternoon here in the UK, late afternoon over in Italy and going to be evening time over in the East and then morning over for you guys in the States… Read more

Oxygen Forensic® KeyDiver

Jordan: Hello everyone, Jordan Portfleet here with the Oxygen Forensic training team. Today’s topic is going to be KeyDiver. Now, what is KeyDiver, you ask? Well, the time has come to introduce our new brute force module, the Oxygen Forensic… Read more

Leveraging SaaS To Power Mobile Data Collections

Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions has launched a new SaaS product called Endpoint Mobile Now, which allows for remote targeted collection of mobile data. The SaaS solution eliminates the complexity of traditional enterprise-level mobile data collection by providing a simple and scalable… Read more

Tips And Tricks For Collecting Employee Chat Data

Monica Harris, Product Business Manager at Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, discusses tips and tricks for collecting employee chat data. She highlights the increasing importance of collecting data from mobile devices, particularly chat data, which has surpassed email data collection.… Read more

MSAB: Updates From The Frontline

An insightful webinar featuring industry experts, Adam Firman (Tech Evangelist, MSAB) and Simon Crawley (Senior Professional Services Consultant, MSAB). In the webinar, they provide a comprehensive overview of why you need a frontline environment for your mobile forensic solution and… Read more

Real-Time Collaboration Any Time You Need It

Keith Lockhart: We’ll get started. So again, my name is Keith Lockhart. I am the vice president of technology and training at Oxygen Forensics. And if I’ve known you in the past, that’s kind of a change in the last… Read more

Video Evidence In 2023: Trends, Challenges, Potentials

Martino: Good morning, good afternoon, good night, whenever you are. So, as Michelle said, there’s a lot of things. This is not our typical webinar, in the sense that it’ll not be too technical. I will not show any software… Read more

Tips And Tricks: Data Collection For Cloud Workplace Applications

Gail: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining today’s webinar, “Tips and Tricks: Data Collection for Workplace Cloud Applications”. I’m Gail Green and I’m the marketing specialist here with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions. Now I’d like to introduce our speaker today, Monica Harris.… Read more

When an Android Phone is All You Have

Announcer: The broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen only mode. Keith Lockart: Good morning, everybody. Well, I take that back. Good day everybody, depending on where you are. This is Keith Lockhart from Oxygen. It’s just about… Read more