Duck Hunt: Memory Forensics of USB Attack Platforms

Matthew: Welcome to our presentation. I’m Matthew Piscitelli.

Tyler: And I’m Tyler Thomas.

Matthew: And we performed memory forensics on USB attack platforms. This work was supported by National Science Foundation Grant number 1921813. We looked at two USB … Read more

Forecasting Developments in Crime and Terrorism

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kacper Gradon, and I will introduce the notion of the so-called future crimes in relation to the practices of the law enforcement and intelligence services.

For the purpose of my work, I’ll call the … Read more

The Use of Object Traces in a Connected World

Hello everybody. My name is Hannes Spichiger. I’m a PhD student at the University of Lausanne and I’m here to talk to you about how connected devices change the use of object traces.

Now, as you are all aware, there … Read more

Use of Automated Systems for Rapid Decisions

Hello everybody. My name is Hannes Spichiger and I’m presenting a short paper called The Use of Automated Systems for Rapid Decisions that I wrote together with my colleague, Timothy Bolle. We both are PhD students at the university of … Read more

Law Enforcement Educational Challenges for Mobile Forensics

Hello, and welcome to this presentation about law enforcement educational challenges for mobile forensics. My name is Georgina Humphries, and I work for the Norwegian Police University College and the Nordic Computer Forensic Investigators team, and I’m currently working on … Read more