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We're very excited to welcome Mitch Kajzer to the Magnet Forensics Training team! For those of you who may not know Mitch already, we've put together a quick Q&A introducing him, sharing his experience, and expanding on his approach to #DFIR training:

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Meet the Magnet Forensics Training Team: Mitch Kajzer - Magnet Forensics

Meet Magnet Forensics trainer Mitch Kajzer.


At Exterro, we celebrate #Juneteenth with pride, reflecting on the importance of freedom, equality, and justice for all. Join us in commemorating this significant milestone and continuing the journey towards a more equitable future! 🧡

Our team has been busy today at #ForensicEuropeExpo (#FEE) in London! We're here until Thursday at stand nr. FEE539, so come visit us and Kevin Chandler, Stephen Coates, Chloe Ginesi, Joe Farndon, & Alex Lobb will be happy to have a chat about all things #DFIR with you.

Thank you to our partners @Dataexpert for having us at their #DigitalExperienceBenelux event today! It's been a great opportunity to talk about countering crime, fraud, and #cybercrime.


Digital Forensics News Round-Up, June 19 2024
Read more at https://www.forensicfocus.com/news/digital-forensics-round-up-june-19-2024/  #dfir #digitalforensics

Si estás en Ávila, participando a #C1b3rWall, ven a visitarnos! Estamos presentes junto con nuestro partner @OnRetrieval. Vali C. Popa ya les presentó esta mañana, las últimas novedades sobre Magnet #AxiomCyber. Ahora ven a descubrir más, directamente a nuestro estand.

Automated threat hunting streamlines traditional threat hunting processes by collecting relevant data and creating a collection of artifacts from the operating system enabling faster remediation and prevents potential damage from threats. Learn more here:

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From Reactive to Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactive threat hunting has transformed the cybersecurity focus from reacting to alerts to anticipating and preventing ...


At our HQ in Waterloo, our founder & Chief Innovation Officer, @JadAtMagnet is kicking off a packed two-day agenda for the @IAHTI2's Canada Conference with an exploration of AI in digital investigations.

If you're looking for intermediate-level training on all things #Axiom, look no further than our Magnet Axiom Examinations (#AX200) course! Registration is open for upcoming classes either in-person worldwide or virtually—check out our availability here: https://ow.ly/PtEU50SknUY

Siamo giunti al termine della prima parte del #MagnetTalksRoadshow 2024, con la tappa di Roma. Ringraziamo i numerosi ospiti che con i loro interventi hanno contribuito al successo di questo evento.

Next stop: Birmingham in late September...STAY TUNED!!

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#TipTuesdays with @HeatherMahalik

Streamline accelerates time to evidence by automatically opening the case in PA 10 upon the #extraction completing in UFED. The days of waiting for an extraction to finish so you can then start processing are over.

Tune in to see how!


Tired of complex threat investigations? Join us on June 18th at 12pm EST for a webinar to learn how Binalyze AIR's Investigation Hub can streamline your analysis and reduce response times. Register now!

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Webinar: Reduce Investigation & Response Times

Navigate the Data Maze of with Speed and Forensic Precision.


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