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Mike: If somebody would be kind enough in the chat to let me know that you can hear me, that would be grateful. Maria, can you hear me?

Maria: I can hear you, Mike. Can you hear me … Read more

eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work

Julia O’Shea: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining today’s webinar: eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work. My name is Julia O’Shea and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Cellebrite. Now I’d like to introduce our speakers today: … Read more

Leveraging Intel DCI for Memory Forensics

A small circuit board is connected to a larger circuit board via cabling

Hello, and welcome to my DFRWS US 2021 talk about leveraging Intel DCI for memory forensics. My name is Tobias Latzo and I’m in the security research group of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany, which is led by Felix … Read more

AI-Based Video Recognition in FTK

Holli: Actually, it looks like everybody’s in here, so we can go ahead and get started. Hi everyone, my name is Holli Hagene. Welcome to today’s webcast. A few reminders: all of the lines have been muted to reduce … Read more

Dealing With Multiple Data Sources: A Panel Discussion

The inaugural E-Crimes Symposium: Cutting Edge Topics in Digital Forensics — offered on February 28th by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven — brought together experts in a range of digital forensics … Read more

Meet the New FTK Family for Modern Forensics

Holli: Hi everyone. My name is Holli Hagene, welcome to today’s webcast. We’ll get started in just a minute, first I wanted to let you know a few things. All of the lines have been muted to reduce background … Read more

Forensic Analysis Of Xiaomi IoT Ecosystem

A tiny home floor plan showing where smart devices are located.

Good evening. My name is Evangelos Dragonas and today we’ll talk about the Forensic Analysis of Xiaomi IoT Ecosystem. Before I begin, let me introduce myself. I live in Greece where I work as a digital forensics examiner. Currently I … Read more

Remote Mobile Collection for Corporate Investigations

Julie: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining today’s webinar: remote mobile collections for corporate investigations. My name is Julie O’Shea, and I’m a product marketing manager here at Cellebrite. Now, I’d like to introduce our speaker today: Ashley Hernandez.

Ashley … Read more

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