Binalyze AIR Release 1.8.0 Feature Highlights

Steve: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening everyone. Good to see from the participant list that we’ve got all of those timezones covered, I think. My name is Steve Jackson, I’m the VP of Growth here at Binalyze, and I’m … Read more

Tracing Walking Path Using Smart Lighting System

Raymond Chan: Okay. So thank you for watching this abstract presentation for the DFRWS 2021. So, I’m Raymond, and today I would like to present the topic about tracing a walking path using Smart Lighting System. So, just to give … Read more

Forensic Considerations For Cloud Data Storage

Jamie McQuaid: Hello everyone. Welcome to today’s session on forensic considerations for cloud data storage. So who’s this presentation for? I wanted to introduce it with some expectations here. So generally we’re going to talk obviously about some cloud services. … Read more

Extracting Evidence From Damaged Devices

Introductory voiceover: It may have started as an experiment in my basement, but damaging devices is not just a hobby I’ve tinkered with over time. It’s a complex body of work researched in the field and in the lab. It Read more

Avoiding Burnout At The Digital Forensics Coalface

Dr. Sally Kelty: Good afternoon, everybody and welcome from a beautiful sunny afternoon in Canberra Australia. I’d like to thank the conference organizers for the invitation to come and talk to you today.

My name is Dr. Sally Kelty. I’m … Read more

Big Game Hunting From A Forensic Point Of View

Oleg Skulkin: Hello everyone. Welcome to Magnet Virtual Summit. My name is Oleg Skulkin. I am a Senior Digital Forensic Analyst at Group-IB. And today we are going to talk about big game hunting again, this time from a forensic … Read more