Binalyze AIR Release 1.8.0 Feature Highlights

Steve: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening everyone. Good to see from the participant list that we’ve got all of those timezones covered, I think. My name is Steve Jackson, I’m the VP of Growth here at Binalyze, and I’m … Read more

Tracing Walking Path Using Smart Lighting System

Raymond Chan: Okay. So thank you for watching this abstract presentation for the DFRWS 2021. So, I’m Raymond, and today I would like to present the topic about tracing a walking path using Smart Lighting System. So, just to give … Read more

Forensic Considerations For Cloud Data Storage

Jamie McQuaid: Hello everyone. Welcome to today’s session on forensic considerations for cloud data storage. So who’s this presentation for? I wanted to introduce it with some expectations here. So generally we’re going to talk obviously about some cloud services. … Read more

Extracting Evidence From Damaged Devices

Introductory voiceover: It may have started as an experiment in my basement, but damaging devices is not just a hobby I’ve tinkered with over time. It’s a complex body of work researched in the field and in the lab. It Read more

Avoiding Burnout At The Digital Forensics Coalface

Dr. Sally Kelty: Good afternoon, everybody and welcome from a beautiful sunny afternoon in Canberra Australia. I’d like to thank the conference organizers for the invitation to come and talk to you today.

My name is Dr. Sally Kelty. I’m … Read more

Big Game Hunting From A Forensic Point Of View

Oleg Skulkin: Hello everyone. Welcome to Magnet Virtual Summit. My name is Oleg Skulkin. I am a Senior Digital Forensic Analyst at Group-IB. And today we are going to talk about big game hunting again, this time from a forensic … Read more

Delivering Cyber Resilience With Enterprise Forensics

Steve Jackson: Hello, everyone. I hope you’re all well. Welcome to this introduction to Binalyze and a presentation on delivering cyber resilience with enterprise forensics.

So before we begin, and while we’re waiting for the last few people to join … Read more

The Integrated Future Of Mobile Forensics

A mobile device is a goldmine of data; in an era where 98% of investigations involve some form of digital evidence and data volumes continue to grow exponentially, having the most advanced mobile forensic tools at your disposal – from … Read more

What The Tech? Using FTK Imager

Holli: Hi, everyone. We’ll get started in just a minute. 

Okay. It looks like we have a good amount of people that have entered into the webinar, so I’ll go ahead and get started. 

Thank you for joining us today … Read more

Adapting Corporate Investigations Within A Pandemic

Alison: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining our webinar today. I’m Alison from the Magnet Forensics marketing team, and I’d like to be the first to welcome you to our session today with Trey Amick, manager of forensic consultants here … Read more