Video Evidence Principles With Amped Software

Si: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and anybody who decides they wish to be of any other attributable gender, welcome to the Forensic Focus Podcast. Today we are very lucky to have with us both Martino Jerian from Amped… Read more

Programming Languages, Flipper And Gaming

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Preventing Data Leaks With Git Guardian

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Si and Desi Holiday Special 2022

Si: Welcome to the Forensic Focus Podcast. This is a holiday special which will actually, unlike some of the other ones, go out within a few days of the recording, because Desi’s a genius and is going to edit it… Read more

Detego’s Andy Lister on Interoperability Between Field & Lab

Christa: As digital forensics decentralizes, shifting more responsibilities from lab to field personnel, tools that can manage the evidence from different user groups are ever more important. This week on the Forensic Focus Podcast, Si Biles and I talk with… Read more