The Historic View of Financial Cybercrime

Desi: So, welcome back to the Forensic Focus Podcast. I’m Desi, and this week Si and I are talking to Alex Tilley. He’s currently part of the counter threat unit at Secureworks, and I recently saw Alex do a presentation… Read more

In Which Si and Desi Are Left Unsupervised

Simon: Got it. I am coming to the very realistic conclusion that I hate computers. How about you? Alex: For years, years. Simon: Right. So I have an idea for today and I’ve set recordings starting. So seeing as there… Read more

The Great Resignation in DFIR

Christa: Welcome back to the Forensic Focus Podcast. I’m Christa Miller and we’re back this week with co-hosts Simon Biles and Alex Desmond. Simon: Hey, guys. Alex: Hey. Christa: Good to see you again. So I think we’re going to… Read more

Santosh Khadsare on Capacity Building in Digital Forensics

Christa Miller: Capacity building for digital forensics is defined as the development of new professionals and better equipped work environments, particularly as the digital forensics industry struggles to keep pace with the way technology and the trace evidence it creates… Read more