The Historic View of Financial Cybercrime

Desi: So, welcome back to the Forensic Focus Podcast. I’m Desi, and this week Si and I are talking to Alex Tilley. He’s currently part of the counter threat unit at Secureworks, and I recently saw Alex do a presentation… Read more

In Which Si and Desi Are Left Unsupervised

Simon: Got it. I am coming to the very realistic conclusion that I hate computers. How about you? Alex: For years, years. Simon: Right. So I have an idea for today and I’ve set recordings starting. So seeing as there… Read more

The Great Resignation in DFIR

Christa: Welcome back to the Forensic Focus Podcast. I’m Christa Miller and we’re back this week with co-hosts Simon Biles and Alex Desmond. Simon: Hey, guys. Alex: Hey. Christa: Good to see you again. So I think we’re going to… Read more