Digital Forensics Round-Up, May 01 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Thorn and All Tech Is Human Forge Generative AI Principles with AI Leaders to Enact Strong Child Safety Commitments

We are at a crossroads with generative artificial intelligence (generative AI). In the same way that the internet accelerated offline and online sexual harms against children, misuse of generative AI presents a profound threat to child safety…

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Fact-check: Can hackers steal fingerprints from selfies?

The iconic V-finger sign, commonly used to represent peace, is often a go-to gesture when people pose for pictures. However, a video being shared widely on WhatsApp and other social media networks warns people against using it…

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Exclusive: New evidence challenges the Pentagon’s account of a horrific attack as the US withdrew from Afghanistan

New video evidence uncovered by CNN significantly undermines two Pentagon investigations, the latest of which was released last week, into an ISIS-K suicide attack outside Kabul airport, during the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021…

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Linux Forensics – Collecting a Triage Image Using The UAC Tool

Let’s discuss a topic that I feel like doesn’t get enough coverage or is the “unspoken” or “daunting” territory of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). I’m going to say the words… LINUX FORENSICS…

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AI-Powered License Plate Reading With Amped DeepPlate

Marco Fontani joins the Forensic Focus podcast to discuss Amped Software’s latest AI-powered tool, DeepPlate. DeepPlate is a deep learning system designed to read license plates affected by common issues introduced by surveillance systems, making it a valuable asset for forensic video analysts…

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Linux IR – Key forensic artifacts for incident responders

Like Thanos, incident response is an inevitability in modern IT environments. Despite some old ideas about various operating systems being “secure” (whatever that means), the reality is that attackers access Linux systems all the time…

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Decoding Windows event logs: A definitive guide for incident responders

Windows event logs can provide valuable insights when piecing together an incident or suspicious activity, making them crucial for analysts to understand…

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Memory Analysis 101: Understanding Memory Threats and Forensic Tools

Memory forensics is an important part of incident response and threat analysis, as new threats and sophistication emerge in the evolving cybersecurity landscape…

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Kingston Police E-crimes cop is a force on his own — but help would be great

“If you have a phone that’s been smashed, broken, shot, drowned, or whatever,” says Kingston Police Constable John Theriault, he will find a way to fix it, get to the data within, and use it to put criminals away…

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Amit Singh launches State-of-the-Art Cyber Security Lab, training 300 experts daily

Amit Singh, the driving force behind Amigo Cyber Security, has unveiled a cutting-edge Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Lab…

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