The Trojan solved the Bhima Koregaon case!


How proper file, malware, and memory forensics techniques were able to catch the ModifiedElephant threat actor planting incriminating evidence on defendants’ computers in India.

Disclaimer: The views, methods, and opinions expressed at Anchored Narratives are the author’s and … Read more

Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO, Magnet Forensics

FF: How are you doing Jad? How’s 2022 been for you and Magnet Forensics?

Jad: I’m doing great, thanks! 2022 has definitely been a busy year for Magnet Forensics. We were so grateful to see so many customers and industry … Read more

Si and Desi Holiday Special 2022

Si: Welcome to the Forensic Focus Podcast. This is a holiday special which will actually, unlike some of the other ones, go out within a few days of the recording, because Desi’s a genius and is going to edit … Read more

Detego’s Andy Lister on Interoperability Between Field & Lab

Christa: As digital forensics decentralizes, shifting more responsibilities from lab to field personnel, tools that can manage the evidence from different user groups are ever more important. This week on the Forensic Focus Podcast, Si Biles and I talk … Read more

XAMN Report Builder From MSAB

by Feby Thealma, CEH, CHFI

Reporting is one of the most important steps in digital forensic analysis. Reporting sums up every single step performed during the investigation and allows investigators to communicate with the intended audience regarding the output they … Read more

The Historic View of Financial Cybercrime

Desi: So, welcome back to the Forensic Focus Podcast. I’m Desi, and this week Si and I are talking to Alex Tilley. He’s currently part of the counter threat unit at Secureworks, and I recently saw Alex do a … Read more

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