Sneak Peak Of New Belkasoft Evidence Center 2020

Belkasoft announces the upcoming release of its Belkasoft Evidence Center 2020 v.9.7. The new version significantly expands the mobile forensics and remote acquisition.

Among new features are acquisition of MTK based devices; acquisition via MTP/PTP protocols; iTunes backups support for … Read more

Digital Forensic Training From Belkasoft

Great news from Belkasoft: In addition to on-site digital forensic trainings, we are adding Live Online classes on BEC 2019!

We have also added more dates and locations for 2019 on-site trainings. The updated schedule is below:• 3-day Certified … Read more

Belkasoft: Focus on Usability 2017

Ten years ago, when Belkasoft was just about to start its digital forensic journey, investigation tools were focused on the results only. They were far from being handy, and extensive training was required in order to use these tools effectively.… Read more

10 Reasons To Use Belkasoft Evidence Center

Evidence Center is an all-in-one digital forensic solution by Belkasoft – leading forensic software manufacturer. Why do you need this product in your investigator’s toolset?

1. Belkasoft Evidence Center (BEC) supports both computer and mobile forensics
2. BEC recovers all … Read more

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