Belkasoft Evidence Center 9.6 — Fresh Update With Brand New Features

A fresh version of Belkasoft‘s flagship digital forensics product Belkasoft Evidence Center has recently been released. The 9.6 version combines an affordable price with a range of timely updates based on the most important industry developments.

More details on what’s new:’S NEW IN BEC 9.6?

BEC 9.6 offers the following new features in high demand:

Updated the Search Engine. The new engine, Elastic Search is well-known for its higher speed and greater precision. In addition, you can use several third-party tools to work with indexed data.
• The Graphical Timeline is intended to significantly facilitate your investigations. You can glance over various events in your case, create filters via your mouse, and synchronize with text timeline to narrow your search.
• You must have already heard about TikTok which is probably the fastest growing media app now. Investigators all over the world need a reliable tool to examine it. That is why this application is now supported by Belkasoft Evidence Center for both Android and iPhones.
FileVault decryption with a known password is also available now. To remind, previous versions of BEC included support for BitLocker and McAfee decryption.
iPhone acquisition with lockdown file authentication supported. Belkasoft customers now have one more way to get inside Apple devices.
• Acquisition of jailbroken iPhones has been updated. The latest iTunes Windows 10 App is now supported.
• Multiple improvements have been introduced in Remote Acquisition including NAT support.

More details on what is new are available at
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What’s new webinar on BEC 9.6 (June 17th, 2019):
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