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Posted by: @confusedyoungman
Do you know of any other software that might? Just so I can compressively say that it is such a long shot that most computer software for forensics doesn't even consider looking for it.

As you want to create a comprehensive list of software you have considered for your law thesis what about RawCopy, The Volatility Framework, Redline Collector, Rekall Project, DiskInternals Linux Reader 4.6.1 etc and whether these tools should be discounted, too?

Jaclaz has identified for you a number of helpful avenues for your research. But there are quite a few digital forensics papers written on the subject of pagefile.sys recovery out there, if you are unaware?

You may wish to speak with someone from SANS about their FOR500.1/2 course. Not to undertake their course but to get their current viewpoint on Pagefile.Sys recovery. Makes good reading copy (no pun intended), if nothing else, to get a trainers viewpoint as opposed to a tool providers viewpoint?

You may also want to seek clarification on the difference between Stream Carving compared to File Carving?








Posted : 08/11/2020 10:52 am
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