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Hey guys what was the best mobile that you used so far?
Why do you say its best and do you think that they should make similar models with enhanced features?

Posted : 16/01/2018 10:46 am
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OnePlus 5T - best price/quality match

Posted : 16/01/2018 11:29 am
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Why do you say its best and do you think that they should make similar models with enhanced features?

Both respondents did not indicate Why they felt their selection was the best and from which perspective (as an average user, based upon security and/or privacy, or as a tool for this field).

I look forward to the follow-up responses and Thanks !

Posted : 28/09/2018 5:59 pm
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Nokia 6210.

Why ?


Posted : 29/09/2018 12:27 pm
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Google Pixel 3.
- Very little crapware pre-installed
- Excellent camera. Better than my more expensive dedicated camera.
- Everything just works.

Posted : 06/09/2019 7:53 am
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Nokia 6210.

Why ?


Totally agree, charged once a week only.

Posted : 07/09/2019 1:48 am
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I am currently using one of these (circa 2010 or 2011, paid some 30 Euro, including 15 Euro of calls or something like that)

It is practically indestructible.


Posted : 07/09/2019 10:01 am
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XPERIA sony xa1 ultraΒ 

Posted : 04/01/2021 5:19 pm
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BlackBerry KeyOne, bought it second-hand three years ago, still going strong. I like the fact that it is a very security and productivity oriented device. The physical keyboard is amazing, each key can be set to be used a shortcut, both for short and long press, so everything I need is just one button-press away πŸ™‚

Posted : 25/02/2021 3:08 pm
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4.

Most functional for their time. Note 3 brought 2160p 4K video recording and 1080p@60fps, as well as new sensors, and finger+pen Air View. Note 4 lost few features, but combines fast charging with user-replaceable battery, and brought optical image stabilization for photo and video (iPhone 6 Plus: only photo).

I especially despise non-replaceable batteries, as they put me in the dilemma of either nursing it like a nanny (dismiss half the battery capacity), or have a dead brick soon. Planned obsolescence stinks.


I also despise lack of expandable storage, because on internal storage, everything can be gone in a flash, and if the device stops working for whichever reason, I better have my stuff on the memory card.

In the early 2010s, the internal storage of my father's smartphone just vanished. Just the "system storage" (separate on earlier smartphones) was available. Thankfully, most data was backed up, but this reinforced my distrust against internal storage.

Many think of internal storage and memory cards as equal. Wrong.


Posted : 16/05/2021 7:25 pm
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