Adapting Corporate Investigations Within A Pandemic

Alison: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining our webinar today. I’m Alison from the Magnet Forensics marketing team, and I’d like to be the first to welcome you to our session today with Trey Amick, manager of forensic consultants here … Read more

How To Extract Text From Files Using OCR In Magnet AXIOM

Tara: Hey everyone, Tara Melton here, and I’m going to be showing you a new and exciting feature introduced in AXIOM 4.8. Now you can extract text from certain files using optical character recognition, or OCR, technology.

AXIOM will extract … Read more

Jad Saliba, Founder & CTO, Magnet Forensics

Jad, 2020 was a challenging year in many ways. What operational challenges did Magnet Forensics’ law enforcement customers reflect were of particular concern? How did they pivot, and how did Magnet Forensics help them?

It definitely was a challenging year … Read more

Adam Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics

Adam, it’s been a while since we sat down with you! Since our last conversation, this time three years ago, how has the digital forensics landscape changed — and what (if anything) has remained the same?

It’s nice to have … Read more