WetStone Releases Tool to Law Enforcement

WetStone announces the release of T.A.P.S.™ (Trait Analytical Profiling Search). This technology was developed under an NIJ funded grant to support state and local law enforcement. WetStone and NIJ have been working on this research for over 2 years. The… Read more

Advanced StegAnalysis: Demystifying Steganography Investigation

WetStone is offering Advanced StegAnalyis at Techno Security 2010. During this is a two-day advanced training class, detailed analytical and jamming methods will be utilized to both discover and disrupt Steganographic operations. Analysis of Steganographic file systems, streaming steganography and… Read more

Mining for P2P Evidence training at Techno Security 2010

WetStone is offering a new class at Techno Security 2010: Mining for P2P Evidence Criminals utilize Peer to Peer technologies to communicate, share information and contraband. In addition, malicious software such as Botnets, Zombies and Trojans utilize these protocols for… Read more

Insider Exploits training: Piecing Together the Digital Crime Scene

WetStone is offering new Insider Exploits training at Techno Security 2010. This is a two-day training that allows each student to experience a unique virtualized cyber-safe environment where investigators and information technology professionals can experiment with the most advanced exploits… Read more

WetStone Offers New Training Courses for 2009

WetStone has announced new training courses for 2009. Courses are offered in various locations and cybersecurity conferences and include… Hacking Bootcamp: Exploits and Live Incident InvestigationZombies and Botnets: Setup-Investigate-ShutdownIntroduction to Steganography: Steganography and Data ExfiltrationAdvanced Steganography: Demystifying Steganography Investigation More… Read more