Help Needed with Encrypting Virus

After discovering a new and improved virus that encrypts important files on infected machines, researchers from Kaspersky are calling on fellow security professionals to lend a hand in cracking the massive key needed to liberate the ensnared data. The call … Read more

Mobile Phone Forensics

It’s been 20 years since a UK drug dealer discovered too late the folly of keeping all his records on a Psion Organiser, helpfully providing police with names and addresses of customers and suppliers, as well as sales records. Today’s … Read more

COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor)

Microsoft has reportedly developed a USB key that allows investigators to extract forensic data from PCs. COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) comes in a USB key form factor, and was distributed to a small number of law-enforcement agencies last … Read more

iPhone Forensics Webcast

You are invited to a free live webcast: iPhone Forensics Demonstration

With the iPhone quickly becoming the market leader in mobile devices, the need for law enforcement personnel to perform forensic analysis of these devices is beginning to surface. Unlike … Read more

VMWare Vulnerability

Security researchers have discovered a bug in VMware desktop virtualization applications that allows attackers to take complete control of the underlying PC, including the execution or modification of files on the host operating system. The vulnerability, which was unearthed by … Read more

Secret printer ID codes may breach EU privacy laws

A little-noticed system that allows printed documents to be tracked by government agents has gotten the attention of the EU Commissioner for Justice Freedom and Security, who says the technology may violate EU human rights guarantees. The technology is baked … Read more