2012 Forensic 4cast Awards

Voting for the 2012 Forensic 4cast Awards is now open.

Each year the Forensic 4cast Awards aim to celebrate and recognize those in the field of digital forensics who dedicate themselves to making our lives a little easier. The whole … Read more

Forensic 4cast Awards

The second annual Forensic 4cast Awards will be held as part of the SANS Forensic Summit in Washington DC on Thursday July 8 2010 at 7:30pm. This event will be held in front of a live audience full of digital … Read more

AccessData FTK 3 Preview

On August 25 AccessData gave attendees of HTCIA International a preview of Forensic Toolkit Version 3. Matt Churchill was in attendance and has kindly given us his thoughts on AccessData’s upcoming release.

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Evidence of Thriving Forensic Business

Two police officers resigned from the force after they spotted a gap in the market to supply high-quality forensic examination of mobile phones and computer records. They set up Bolton-based Zentek Forensics in 2004 using their extensive knowledge of police … Read more

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